The best protection against virtual threats

Cybersecurity has become a necessity for organizations today. The rise of so many technological solutions and digital transformation has also brought virtual threats.

Thinking about it, Tanger Consulting Group, puts at your disposal the most complete cybersecurity solutions that your company or organization needs.

¡We provide real solutions to your day-to-day problems!

Cybersecurity solutions

  • Comprehensive protection system for ATM
  • Cloud Security
  • BIOMETRY Solutions
  • Double Custody
  • Security and digital maturity
  • Secure access to applications
  • Advanced protection against threats (ATP)
  • Information leakage prevention (DLP)
  • Protection of Web applications (WAF)
  • Data Protection
  • Custom solutions

Comprehensive protection system for ATM

Integral system that allows administration and monitoring in real time and centralized.

You can monitor the use of peripherals at ATMs such as keyboards, graphic operator panels and USB drives to stop any possible attack; avoids data tracking or manipulation by enabling VPN-based communications encryption and guarantees PCI-DSS, preventing data storage on the card, among many other features that make this solution a powerful tool against cybersecurity attacks.

Features that make this system your best option

Icono Alarma en tiempo real
Real-time alarm

Receive notifications and alerts instantly. One of the strengths of our system is to receive alerts of any attack in real time so that it can be fought immediately.

Icono conectado online
Online connectivity

The system allows you to be always on line with each of the connected devices, for effective and efficient management.

Icono conectado en tiempo real
Real-time monitoring

You can monitor in real time the activity of each of the devices.

icono bloque automático
Automatic blocking

If any threat is detected, the system automatically blocks and issues alerts to notify you about the attack.

Icono instalación
Discrete Installation

We take care of every detail so that our system is not easily detected.

Have full control through a centralized panel that allows you to manage the entire system.

It is the server where the database resides, including the ATM’s with the different versions of its configuration inventory, the events generated, the commands issued and the results, as well as the authorized users and their authorization profiles.

The monitoring and control functions are:

Control Panel
Remote provisioning
USB protection