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What is Ventrevista?

It is a powerful tool that allows human resources departments to streamline their recruitment and selection processes.

Provide pleasant experiences to your interviewees and differentiate your work proposals. Save time, reduce costs, increase the effectiveness of your processes, reduce travel costs and boost your employer brand with the number 1 platform of online interviews in LATAM.

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Ventrevista is a comprehensive tool for Human Resources today. Recruit and hire the best talent, saving time and costs.

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Ventrevista Solutions

Added values

Powerfully present your brand to differentiate your work proposals and attract the passive and active talent you need.

Interviews tailored to the requirement of the vacancy, with library availability by positions, competences and bilingual.

Guarantees that 100% of candidates receive calls in their emails, via SMS to mobile.

Productive management of the agendas of recruiters and hiring managers to rate and comment on interviews.

Share the interviews inside and outside the company and automatically receive your evaluations.

The link of the direct interview to social networks with the effectiveness of a differentiating offer.

Maximum comfort for candidates, recorded from any device, at any time and place.

In real time, it analyzes graphs and reports of candidate and company records instantly, enriching evaluations and decisions.

With an agile integration with the talent pipeline of your company via web service you facilitate the tasks of your team.

They love recruiters and candidates, attractive platform, intuitive, friendly, accompaniment, support, continuous improvement.

Constant developments, as added value, to meet the needs of our customers.